The smile upon your face

and the sadness within your eyes

Will really mattered to you.


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Their little matching jackets!

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Face Adoration 

↳ Regina Mills→ Tiny

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"Kings" + Final Words

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Snow and Regina talking

Snow apologizing to Regina about Cora

Regina admitting that it is a complicated situation

Snow and Regina talking about why Cora would give up Zelena



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Regina and Snow scene in new OUAT sneak peek (x)

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"The Evil Queen is a very complex, delicious, fun character to play. I love the joy she feels when threatening/intimidating others — too fun. She’s extremely unapologetic and yet still seeks to grow into a better human being. That is what I love most about her. She is a multi-dimensional character."  -Lana Parrilla

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Bleeding Through - Sneak Peek #2 (x)

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Domestic bliss.

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Oz? That’s a real place?

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