The smile upon your face

and the sadness within your eyes

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Is no one going to talk about the fact that Regina doesn’t need her heart to love & how she is basically the only character that loves with her soul instead?


I doubt she’s the only one ever. The Knave seemed to at least care a little about Ana - which was buried beneath a lot of betrayal. Hers is so much more intense because Regina has always felt everything like a body blow, but I doubt that she’s the only one ever much as Snowing isn’t the only case of TL ever.

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wouldn’t be the first time one of us fell for our secretaries, would it?

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I promise you, I will get it back. 

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Trina Fuck Me Decker (2/?)

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"I know you, and you feel things, deeply. With or without it you feel things with your whole soul.”

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Think it through, Ms. Swan…

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You feel things deeply, and with or without [your heart] you feel things with your whole soul.

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